14-Day Good Night’s Sleep Challenge

Wanted:  Exhausted Dedicated Hard Workers and anyone who is”TIRED OF BEING TIRED”

Dear Tired Friend,

How are you today? NO REALLY How are you today????

Most of the time people tell me…….. I’m tired, exhausted, drained. I am always fighting a cold. I wish I could lose 10 lbs! Plus, everyone, and I mean everyone is getting on my nerves!!!!!

Hey, I know you want to feel good and be happy. And it’s not just a little wish, you put in a ton of effort into eating healthy and staying fit. Maybe you run, hike, do Zumba or CrossFit. Whatever it is, you do it full out. You drink plenty of good water and smoothies, watch your calories eat your veggies and make healthy choices.

That’s the thing, you’re chasing it and doing everything right.

So…….how come you’re still struggling????

If you’re like most people, and you were honest with me you’d say feeling a little frustrated (ok maybe you’re actually pissed right off). You keep trying new things, always searching for that missing piece of the puzzle.

It’s true there is a missing piece……. Getting a Great Night’s Sleep.

It’s so basic, and yet we just take it for granted. But with your busy life sometimes you let it slide. Maybe you want to get ahead in your career and you work late many nights. Maybe you’re in school and want to get great grades so you can have an awesome career or maybe you’ve got kids and the ONLY time you have to yourself is at night when they’ve finally gone to bed.So sleep is always getting pushed down on your priority list. I get it. I really do and guess what???? You’re not alone.

More than a third of all adults don’t get enough sleep or the sleep they do get is restless. It’s incredible, poor sleep is scientifically tied to weight gain, crankiness, car accidents, chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, stress and anxiety, faster aging (yuck who wants more wrinkles?!?!), impaired cognitive functions (means you are not as smart), problems with concentration, more arguments and conflict. Once I started really looking at the importance of sleep it really started to sound like a miracle drug. Hundreds of people have told me they have problems getting to sleep or they wake up at 2am and can’t get back to sleep so they stare at the ceiling. They finally fall asleep after hours and wake up when the alarm goes off, feeling like a zombie.

If you have problems with insomnia and getting restful sleep and you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning. Know that you are not alone. I can teach you how to fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed so you feel good every day and I can do it when you take my 14-Day All Natural Sleep Challenge Listen, there’s a ton of research, articles, books written about sleep. But there is so much theory and detail to sift through. I’ve pulled it apart and created a program where I walk you step by step through the practical easy to use steps over 14 days. Every day I give you a bite sized piece that you can put to use that night. You will start getting results the first day At the end of the challenge you will be sleeping better, feeling happier and have more energy and resilience. Best of all, it’s all natural. There’s no prescription or over the counter medications. So no weird side effects.



  • 14 Days of Daily Support emails, audios and videos.

  •  Tips and tricks to help with your particular sleep challenges.

  •  All natural, A Good Night’s Sleep 14-Day Challenge. Improve your sleep with no over the counter or prescription medications.

  •  A Good Night’s Sleep Challenge Guidebook.

  • Sleep Meditation Audio File.

  • A Good Night’s Sleep Challenge Journal Printable.

My 14-Day A Good Night’s Sleep Challenge is recorded and the resources are digital. They are yours to keep forever. You can use and reuse them any time you want. Plus there’s no shipping so you save money and don’t have to wait. You can start today!

A few examples of people I’ve helped:

Being able to address the things that I care about. During our sessions I finally get the time to work on me and have someone in my corner always reminding me of the good things I’ve done – like most I focus on what I’ve done wrong or missed, and you always help me focus on what makes me special which encourages me to stay positive and work on the things I have control over.  You constantly assure me its okay to be myself and that I am awesome.

Avonne T.

I was tired of office routine, tired of my always-the-same life, tired of being tired…  I think I always had a secret desire to change it up, but you gave me the enthusiasm I needed to live a joyous life of change and growth. Making change in life isn’t easy.  It is scary and feels extremely vulnerable.  I’m actually doing pretty good right now. I’m happy….…And it’s weird. I’m not used to it. I’m just not used to feeling … happy. After more than a decade of not feeling so happy, this turn won’t happen overnight; but no matter how long it takes, change really only happens when you let it. Change happens when you stop fighting it off and allow yourself to make choices that can help you get to a better place—dare I say, a happier one.

Marina P.

When we started our coaching relationship 4 months ago, i was a mess. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was confused about my life. I was working hard but wasting my effort. I was not happy with my life at all although I was trying really hard. Candy took me in and coached me with great patience. She saw the light in me that I was blind of. She saw my potential and guided me to bring it out gradually. Then one day, I suddenly realize I have come so far. Now I feel confident about my daily life. I know although anything can go wrong in my life I can always handle it.

Muse M.

Candy was a genius at helping me tap into what I already knew deep down, but just couldn’t find. She helped boost my confidence as I transitioned to my business, and helped me make the largest financial investment in myself I have ever made. I was a mess of indecision before Candy, and afterwards the decision was obvious and completely stress free! Working with Candy continues to pay off for me!”

Sarah R.





NOTE: Listen, I truly love and respect you, but I know this isn’t a fit for everyone. If you’ve begun to lose hope and you are tired and frustrated of never getting a good night’s sleep and you are willing to do the work then this challenge is perfect for you. I know YOU are done blaming, complaining and making excuses and I can’t wait to work with you!!!!

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